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Jinan Feiyue Mechanical Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd
Jinan Feiyue Mechanical Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd
Brand name
Main products High precision camer,Photoelectric turnta,Bolt cover series
Annual sales USD 30,000,000.00
Date of establishment 2009-08-28
Number of employees 200 Persons
Number of R&D staff 40 Persons
Number of quality inspectors 30 Persons
Area of factory 2000 ㎡
Brief Introduction
Jinan over Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, production and sales of PTZ, turntable and other security products in one of the high-tech enterprises.
Company to master and bachelor for the technical backbone, with strong design and development capabilities, has developed a FY-SP20, FY-SP25 PTZ, photoelectric FY-PT100 table a series of security products; products to technology leading oriented, all products have independent intellectual property rights, but also for the special requirements of customers customized for various types of products.
The company has advanced manufacturing capacity, with a variety of CNC equipment more than ten units, can meet the needs of all types of precision machining. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, the strength of the company and the quality of products have been unanimously recognized by the industry.
Company to focus on customer focus, customer demand for the. All staff agreed that: to let our customers from the company to get a first-class products and thoughtful service. Let our agents get the chance to grow up quickly. Let the idea of "growing up with the customer" is implemented into every employee's action.
Companies adhering to the people-oriented, human Yin principle, for each employee provides broad prospects for development, reasonable salary and welfare, system of education and training and a good working environment, so that each employee can not only in fly across a company happy in their work, but also be able to learn a director, will continue to progress, and fly across a company to advance together, sharing brilliant.
Company is located in Shandong Province, a beautiful Quancheng Jinan - Jinan City High-tech Development Zone, surrounding a beautiful environment, rich flavor of the times, the professional information flow, infrastructure complete.
Flying over the company is willing to work with new and old customers and friends from all walks of life hand in hand, together to create a better tomorrow!
Brief Introduction
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